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Welcome at Agro Supply


Welcome at the Agro Supply website!

Agro Supply is specialised in total solutions for climate systems in the  poultry sector world wide. Years of experience in application of climate systems and an extensive international dealer network makes Agro Supply a trusted partner for your climate solutions.
Agro Supply is part of the Vencomatic Group. The Vencomatic Group is a family business with 5 innovative brands in the poultry sector; Agro Supply, Vencomatic, Prinzen, Rondeel and Vencosteel. To ensure the leading position of the Vencomatic Group investement in knowledge and innovation is essential. With Venco Campus - where a number of companies of the Group are housed - the family business thinks to make his ambitions true. For more information about Vencomatic Group visit the website:

One of our most important products of Agro Supply is the Clima+ Unit, a unique heat exchanger for all types of poultry. With this unit, not only the manure is dried, but also the climate in the poultry house is improved. Our enthusiastic employees have a high degree of experience and knowledge to help our customers. The keywords are innovative, customer focused and flexible.

We wish you a lot of pleasure exploring our website and find the answers you need. If you still have questions left, you can contact us at any time.





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