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Clima+ 1000


Clima+ 1000 is the heat exchanger that delivers fresh air for manure belt aeration to poultry houses. The fresh air is pre-heated in the heat exchanger before distribution onto the manure belt. This improves the absorption of moisture by the air, offering optimized drying of the manure. The temperature in the poultry house is kept on steady levels, decreasing external influence and minimizing the risk of diseases in the birds.

Key advantages Clima+ Unit:

Effective manure drying

  • Thermal efficiency of 80%
  • Manure dry matter content up to 70%
  • Significant reduction in fine dust emission

Perfect climate on bird level

  • Assuring minimum ventilation at bird level
  • Optimal bird performance
  • Optimal results through intelligent software
  • Direct manure drying resulting in low ammonia levels

Smart design for optimal cleaning

  • Integrated automatic cleaning system
  • Easy access for thorough cleaning
  • Stainless steel parts ensure durability
  • Windbreak mesh for pre filtering fresh air

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